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Durdle Door, Dorset, England, UK

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland together make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which is the full and correct title of what most of us refer to in much simper terms as Britain, the United Kingdom or just the UK. Each nation is very distinct from the other in both landscape and culture andeach has it's own rich, often intertwining, history. It is these diverse differences which work together to make the UK such a superb vacation destination and we hope that this site will serve to introduce you to the finest vacation destinations within this wonderful land.

Whatever type of landscape is most appealing to you, you will find it somewhere in the UK. From the patchwork quilt like appearance of southern rural England to the Industrial north, from the epic mountains and green valleys of Wales to the awe inspiring mountains and glens of Scotland, from the unusual sculptured rock formations found in the Scottish island of Staffa (fingal's cave) to their relations on the north Antrim coast of Northern Ireland (the Giant's Causeway).

Whatever type of sport thrills you most you can be sure that you will find the perfect place to indulge yourself in the UK. If you enjoy fishing there is nothing to compare with fishing for wild salmon on one of the famous Scottish rivers, unless, of course, you would prefer a spot of fly fishing for trout on a remote Scottish loch.

Buckingham Palace, London, England, UKOne can not mention Scotland without mention of golf and few golfers would miss an opportunity to play on one of the many world famous golf courses found in the home of the sport. Throughout the UK soccer reigns supreme as the sport of choice (except in Wales where rugby is king), any fans will be thrilled to take a tour of one of the many famous football grounds, such as Old Trafford (Manchester United) or Anfield (Liverpool). With many, many miles of coastline and plenty of large lakes and lochs the UK is a paradise for anyone who enjoys watersports such as surfing and sailing. For those looking for something a little more genteel then you could try your hand at croquet or bowling.

The once mighty British Empire made England the most powerful nation on earth. At the height of the Victorian era civic pride was all the rage and those who had gained richest from the Empire invested in grand buildings and numerous ventures to improve their respective cities. Thankfully many buildings from this time (and earlier) remain today and cities such as London, Glasgow and Liverpool are fantastic places to take a short city break where you can enjoy some of this rich architectural heritage.

Of course many things make Britain "Great" and the UK has helped shape the world we live in today. We hope to add some interesting information about various aspects of the United Kingdom which may not be directly related to tourism but will help you to get the very most from your UK vacation.

 The capital city of England.
The London Eye

Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland
 The capital city of Scotland.
 The capital city of Wales.
 World Heritage Site, Roman baths and lots more
 Top city break destination
 The UK's most popular seaside resort
 The south of England's most popular seaside resort
 Famous for it's historic university and numerous colleges.
 A deeply historic, and venerable, cathedral city in the South East of England.
 A deeply historic city in the North of England.


Like each nation within the United Kingdom, each city, town, village and hamlet has it's own distinct identity. Subtle differences make each interesting in it's own right but it gives the tourist a massive choice of places in which to take a vacation or short city break. Below are some of the UK vacation destinations that you may not have previously considered. To find more please click on the country of choice at the top of this page.

 Aberystwyth  Exeter  Northampton Albert Dock, Liverpool, England, UK

Albert Dock, Liverpool, England, UK

Bath, Somerset, England
 Ayr   Fort William  Nottingham
 Aberdeen  Glasgow  Oban
 Arundel  Glenfinnan  Plymouth
 Bamburgh  Inverness  Scarborough
 Boscombe  Isle of Lewis  Southport
 Bristol  Isle of Skye  Stratford-upon-Avon
 Bournemouth  Leeds  Stirling
 Bury St Edmunds  Liverpool  Swansea
 Carlisle  Manchester  Washington
 Dover  Newcastle  
 Dundee  Newquay  


Tourism is a vital part of the UK economy and in many places it is the primary industry. As in any business there has been a large amount of capital investment over the years and this has helped create a most wonderful selection of visitor attractions across the land. Many of the attractions listed below are of historic interest but some, such as the London Eye (pictured above right) are the latest and greatest. Whatever your preferences there is bound to be a tourist attraction in the UK which appeals to you and your family/group.

 Albert Dock  Edinburgh Castle  Roman Baths Roman Baths, Bath, Somerset, EnglandTower Bridge, LondonStonehedge UK
 Animalarium  Glasgow Cathedral  Stirling Castle
 Bamburgh Castle  Glasgow Necropolis  The Mumbles
 Bannockburn Heritage Centre  Hyde Park  Tower of London
 Big Ben  Ikon Gallery (Birmingham)  Victoria & Albert Museum
 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery  Imperial War Museum North  Wallace Monument
 Brighton Royal Pavilion  London Eye  Washington Old Hall
 Broughty Castle  London Zoo  Westminster Abbey
 Buckingham Palace  Manchester Jewish Museum  York Minster
 Clifford's Tower  Pleasure Beach Blackpool  


Who can go on a vacation and not indulge ina little shopping? The shopping opportunities in the UK are so immense that many folk are now taking shopping vacations. At times when the exchange rate is favourable it is easy to pick up a bargain or two but even when the exchange rate is not in your favour the United Kingdom offer some of the finest shopping in Europe and few places rival some of the famous shopping streets and markets in London. Below is a small selection of places to go shopping, some offer the usual big brands while others offer something a little more unique.

 Lord Street, Southport  Oxford Street   Lord Street, Southport
 Old Spitalfields Market  Shopping In Aberdeen  


Simply Top is dedicated to providing you with sufficient information for you to make the very most of your vacation in the United Kingdom. We have decided that, as a matter of policy, we shall begin to highlight hotels and accommodation which states that pets are allowed. Where suitable we have created pages for UK towns and cities which have a reasonable number of such hotels and below are the pages which we have created to date.

 Aberdeen  Blackpool  Carlisle Kings College, Cambridge
 Ayr  Bournemouth  Manchester
 Bath  Brighton  Scarborough
 Birmingham  Bristol  York  


On each destination page we have included a short list of accommodation such as hotels and guest houses. Wherever a destination has more than a couple of apartments listed we will create a separate apartments listings page. Below are those places which we have created an apartments page for.

Manchester Apartments      

Even though it has been UK law since 2004 that all public buildings should have wheelchair access the law has, unfortunately, not been rigorously enforced. Sadly the law has been seen, in some circumstances, to be ineffective or impracticable and this is especially evident when it comes to historic buildings which in many cases have other laws governing the type of works that can be carried out upon them. Many of the finer hotels in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been created using historic or listed buildings and although they have gone to some lengths to help the disabled it is simply impossible for them to create the ideal environment for visitors with disabilities.

Simply Top has decided that it will work towards providing as much relevant information as possible on the suitability of accommodation for the disabled and we are currently in the process of considering a key symbol system suitable for this site so that you can quickly tell if a given establishment is disabled friendly. Some of our own staff have severe disabilities so we understand the frustrations of booking suitable accommodation and wish to help wherever possible, unfortunately this is a very time consuming task and we apologise for any lacking in this department. Discrimination against the disabled is illegal in the UK, if you want to read more on this complex topic visit the excellent explanation at

A hotel room overlooking the London EyeThroughout our site you will find a short list of recommended hotels. We usually list the three hotels closest to the attraction we are discussing but to allow you to find alternative nearby accommodation we have included a search box on each relevant page.

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We have found that have a wide selection of hotels with virtually all of the offers available and that they provide an excellent after sales service.

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